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The Tempest - William Shakespeare Essay Essay Example for Free

The Tempest William Shakespeare Essay Despite the fact that William Shakespeare’s The Tempest is frequently ordered as his late sentiment, its plots mirror the significant social development of that timeâ€the Europeans settling in the New World. As the Europeans energetically set out to locate the New World, they abandoned cheerful residents considering over what they would discover. In The Tempest, through the characters, we can gather that the Europeans’ expectations went from making the ideal government to collaborating with the occupants. They found that their concept of the ideal government wherein everybody is equivalent neglected to exist. In any case, they were right in their expectation that the New World would as of now be settledâ€by savage ‘Native Americans’. They in the long run coordinated the Native Americans into their general public as slaves. In their excursion to the New World, the Europeans neglected to set up a perfect government, yet prevailing with regards to consolidating the locals into their own general public. One of the Europeans’ desires for the New World was an ideal government where everybody would be equivalent. In The Tempest, Shakespeare’s character Gonzalo portrays it as a legislature where there would be â€Å"no occupation; all men inactive, all;/And ladies as well, yet honest and unadulterated;/No power. † (II. 1, ll. 154-156) Even as his companions criticized him, he is unflinching in his conviction, and basically names them as â€Å"gentlemen of bold fortitude. † (II. 1, l. 181). This would appear the perfect government, and would work in principle. In European culture in the mid seventeenth century, much accentuation was set on class. The lower class confronted numerous limitations, and numerous residents were chafed with the class framework. To the lower class, the desire for an ideal government wherein everybody was equivalent was perfect. Another of their expectations was that the locals, albeit boorish, would be of incredible use to them when they initially settled. They planned to join the Native Americans into their own general public. In The Tempest, Caliban, the first local of the island, initially welcomed Prospero with deference: â€Å"When thou cam’st first,/Thou strok’st me and made a big deal about me†¦then I cherished thee/And demonstrated thee all the characteristics o’ th’ isle,/The new springs, salt water pits, desolate spot and fruitful. † (I. 2, ll. 333-338) When Prospero first went to the island, Caliban experienced the difficulty of discovering him the best food and water sources. As a result of Caliban’s consideration, this shows the Europeans accepted that the Native Americans would be anything but difficult to control, and consequently, simple to control. They planned to be in order of the Native Americans so the errand of controlling North America would be simpler. To slowly fuse the locals into their own general public as slaves was one of the expectations of the Europeans. Be that as it may, their expectations and foreordained thoughts were seen as off base. The truth was that the idealistic government that the Europeans imagined about didn't exist. Indeed, Gonzalo’s government was unfeasible. There would consistently be strife, and if everybody was equivalent, they would feel similarly poor. This would require a sovereign, which would invalidate the point of everybody being equivalent. Chain of command will consistently exist just on the grounds that it is human instinct to take a stab at the best. For instance, in The New World, this was reflected in the province of Jamestown. There was constantly a chief in control. A chain of request was significant so as to forestall tumult in the midst of trouble. Alternately, one of their desires turned into a reality. They accepted that the locals would be savages. The Europeans looked downward on the Native Americans since they showed up from numerous points of view to be subhuman. This was expected to non-Christianity, a crude dress style, and a feeling of foulness: â€Å"Their hair is generally dark, yet few have any whiskers. The men wear a large portion of their heads shaven, the other half long†¦some are of manner dreadful, some striking, generally attentive. All Savage†¦For their attire, they are some time secured with the skins of wild [beasts]†¦There is yet in Virginia no spot found to be so Savage in which Savages have not a religion†¦Ã¢â‚¬  The Europeans saw the Native Americans as mediocre creatures. From the outset, the Native Americans were slanted to join the Europeans as a go-between: â€Å"Americans looked to consolidate the newcomers into their universe. † (Kupperman 175) They likewise presumed that the Europeans would be of extraordinary use to exchange with. As time advanced, both the Native Americans and the Europeans strived to combine the other into their own progressive system. (Kupperman 174) However, this endeavor at joining the other before long end up being useless. In The Tempest, Caliban is continually plotting to oust Prospero (discussion with Trinculo and Stephano). This is resembled in the Europeans’ steady, basic concern that the locals would rebel against them: â€Å"Both the Roanoke and Jamestownâ colonists revealed that tricks against them were arranged. † (Kupperman 175) The Native Americans knew their domain, and step by step created strategies to battle off assailants. The Native Americans were exceptionally gifted warriors, yet came up short on the innovation that the Europeans had. (Barbour) also, the Europeans had protection from infection that overpowered the Native Americans. In the long run, the Europeans figured out how to hold onto power in their settlements, and fused the Native Americans into their development as slaves. In spite of the fact that the Europeans neglected to build up an idealistic government, their endeavors to blend the Native Americans into their general public were effective. Their optimal neglected to exist essentially as a result of human instinct. In any case, they incorporated the Native Americans into their general public as slaves. But unpredictable, the desires for the Europeans were depicted somewhat. Through The Tempest, the Europeans’ any expectation of setting up a model government didn't turn into a reality, yet they figured out how to fuse the locals.

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10 Entry-Level Positions to Guide Your Way Towards Professional Glory

10 Entry-Level Positions to Guide Your Way Towards Professional Glory Whether you’ve just graduated or decided to make a career change, an entry-level job  is  a  perfect  position for new professionals to grow.An entry-level job has  advantages  that make it convenient for a beginner to work themselves into. These perks include â€"No  prior  experience to get startedThe vast  scope of growth for seasoned employeesRewarding career opportunities  and room for  advancementCareer  route  is perfect for freelancers  or  business owners in the futureNow that  we’ve  managed to  attract  your interest,  lets  learn in depth on why an entry-level job  is  the  right  choice for you.BENEFITS OF  CHOOSING  AN ENTRY-LEVEL JOB  FOR YOUNG PROFESSIONALSEntry-level jobs are designed to keep the novice professional in mind and to groom him or her to become a seasoned professional.The biggest perks of entry-level positions  are  zero requirements  for resume experience.In fact, you could walk in fresh as  daisies  after graduating from your university and you’d be guaranteed a seat and a desk at a company.Learning CurvePerhaps, another huge advantage for an entry-level job to attract young professionals is the aspect of a learning environment without the fear of being judged.New professionals often are anxious  about  being criticized for their  incompetence  of completing a task and too many mistakes may put them at the risk of being fired and this could mean a black mark on their resume.Hence, an entry-level job is perfect as trial-and-error is one of the advantages of progressing through the ranks.Scope for GrowthOne of the biggest questions for fresh graduates is â€"  Doesn’t an entry-level position stunt their career growth?The answer is â€" No! In fact, an entry-level position comes with several opportunities to grow into senior positions and earn handsome salaries within a few years of committing yourself.There is room to branch into multiple fields and raise your starting salary within a year of joining.Rapid growth is a prime re ason for entry-level jobs to  see many entrants every year.NetworkingWhen you graduate or switch careers, chances are you are highly unlikely to have any resources or networking experience in your current field.An entry-level position introduces you to like-minded working colleagues to spread and exchange ideas.You’ll be in a comfortable environment with your peers while working alongside them  and  gaining new profound knowledge every day.Self-RespectGraduates that quickly begin to earn  their livelihood  are  independent members of society.Being  among  working-class  citizens  comes with several perks, one of which is the ability to be recognized as a  hard-working  individual  and  self-respect from family and acquaintances.An entry-level position solves the hardship faced by new professionals to secure a job that requires minimum to zero prior work experience.We could go on and on about the perks of landing a quality entry-level  position,  but the fact is, an entry-level pos ition is  a  perfect  platform to launch yourself into the big bad world of professionalism without being judged too harshly for your goof ups.Without further ado â€" Let’s have a look at the top 10 phenomenal entry-level positions in the country. 10 EXCEPTIONAL ENTRY-LEVEL JOBS TO KICKSTART A BRIGHT FUTURE  The following jobs were picked with regards to zero work experience and a hassle-free work environment to get into.1. Graphic DesignerThe primary objective of a graphic designer is to create graphical content and design them.These graphics include company logos, website design, layout concepts, preparing sketches, software utilization, and several others.Skillset RequiredProficiency in designing software such as InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and IllustratorExcellent knowledge in HTML5 and JavaScriptBeing able to provide multimedia presentationsCome up with innovative designs to meet the desired resultOther web design skills  are  highly recommendedThorough knowledge in print medi a and working with product developmentExcellent communication skills required to communicate with clients and  fulfill  their needsAbility to collaborate with a team environment and be a problem-solver when neededAbility to organize projects and meet the deadlines on timeEarnings  A beginner graphic designer can earn anywhere between $40,000 to $70,000 to kickstart his or her career in the United States. The more web design skills, the better your ability to increase your starting revenue.Sample Resume with ObjectivesA graphic designer’s resume should demonstrate creativity with prior experience.Two prime  requirements  that you need to demonstrate  are â€"  the  software  that you’ve worked with and  the number of  completed projects. Let’s  look  at  a  sample resume that grabs  attention.Beginner graphic designer  with knowledge in software such as Microsoft Suite, Illustration, Adobe Photoshop, etc. looking to create graphic designs for advertising in [XYZ] company. Skills et includes â€" conceptualizing basic design  patterns, ability to create visuals as per client’s requirement, involved in advertising campaigns, and designing for mobile devices.  As a graphic designer, create a few sample logos to present to companies so  they  understand the type of skillset that they’d be hiring. Ensure to keep  your  portfolio simple and  concise.As a rule of thumb, have more than 5 design  artworks  to demonstrate to your employers.2. Financial AnalystA financial  analyst  has objectives revolving with assisting in audits, ability to balance financial data,  create and report budget data, and an analytical mind.Financial analysts are actively sought by companies and make great entry-level positions.If you’ve got the calculating mind  of a mathematician  and a taste for numbers, then the role of a financial analyst  is  perfect for you.Skillset Required  Ability to work with scientific software such as MATLAB and The  MathWorksStrong proficient knowledge in analytical software such as Oracle Business Suite Financials and Delphi TechnologyAbility to know the economic and accounting practices around the globeA strong knowledge sense in the ability to decipher financial data at a glanceA keen  sense in actively reporting financial data to the concerned authoritiesEffective communication to provide information to clients and explain various techniquesInterpersonal and critical reasoning skillsEarningsAn entry-level financial analyst earns anywhere from $37,000 to $52000.  To increase earnings, a financial analyst should demonstrate a clean history of providing timely accounting reports and accurate estimations of financial sheets.Sample Resume with ObjectivesA financial analyst’s resume must demonstrate strong accounting skills at first glance. If  possible,  provide numbers of all the portfolios that you’ve worked with.If you’ve increased client revenue in the past, provide numerical data to display authenticity.Financial Analyst with an entry-level background that has increased client revenue by up to 10%. Have a  stellar  record for minimal error in analytical frequency by around 55%. Created a  pricing  scheme for a manufacturing company that’s increased profits by up to 5% in the last fiscal year. Carry all the portfolios that you’ve worked with and demonstrate your analysis behind coming up with the financial predictions, if any.For all calculations, present balance sheets to your interviewer for  credible  work history.3. ParalegalAs a paralegal, your prime objectives are to research legal obligations and assist lawyers in preparing their proceedings.You’ll be asked to perform investigative analysis with a heavy emphasis on  expressionable  verbal and written skills. Knowledge of  all kinds of  law and the acts are a basic requirement for every paralegal.Skillset RequirementFile and investigate cases systematical in a team environmentKnowledge in legal proceedingsKnowledge in all areas of the la w such as criminal, real estate, and bankruptcyRequired legal research skills to form opinionsAbility to work well with a lawyer in a trial hearingAbility to prepare all case files associated with the trialExcellent interpersonal skills to communicate and form effective professional relationshipsTalent in gathering evidence while complimenting critical analytical skillsTranscribing and Typing skillsEarningsParalegals have handsome starting wages compared to other entry-level positions, they start as high as $55,000 and go all the way up to $85,000 for freshers.Sample Resume with ObjectiveStanding out from the usual crowd of paralegals is a tough challenge for a beginner paralegal but this is the only major hurdle.First, begin by pointing out all the previous employers that you’ve worked with and how positively the cases have reflected based on your case  preparation.Provide strong knowledge on the beneficial service that you’ve provided to lawyers in assisting them.Motivated Par alegal with extreme talent in  administrative  duties and scheduling court hearings for lawyers and witnesses. Conducted research on various pleadings and upcoming trials related to  the  case  [XYZ]. Received praise for showing strong organization and interaction skills with clients and witnesses in their respective trials.Much of the paralegal resume centers around proficiencies relating to client satisfaction and ability to gather evidence and  aid  in legal proceedings.So,  fill in the blanks with all your prior experience related to this as your headline summary.4. English  Tutor  Mentoring people who’ve got a tough time in learning English is what an English tutor is all about.Many Universities and schools are always looking for English tutors in various parts of the world where English is a 2nd  language and the demand for an English tutor is  obscenely  high.Most of the universities pay for lodging, travel, and other personal experiences that a tutor might have while in th e country.Skillset RequirementAn extreme fluency in the English language. Native speakerExcellent teaching abilitiesProficiency in student management and strong interpersonal skillsAbility to evaluate papers and grade meticulouslyProvide a systematic evaluation of academic performanceComplete  command over grammar and punctuationAbility to provide special private training to weaker student groupsAnalytical and reasoning skillsTime management skillsEarningsDepending on the country and the demand for English as a 2nd  language, an English tutor earns anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000.Sample Resume with ObjectiveAn English tutor must always mention  the last position that they’ve worked at and the name of the university.As a beginner tutor, it would help immensely to demonstrate at least an  internship  at a local school before applying as a tutor to another country.As an English tutor, organized several home visits with students and provided private education. Reviewed and discussed plans on securing good grades with students. Motivated and provided encouragement  to students suffering from lack of interest by coming up with alternative teaching methods. Constant improvement in occupational skills such as assessing student skills and developing coaching material. Forming positive relationships and demonstrating them in your resume would significantly boost your chances of being selected.The resume must be error free when you’re trying to apply for a job of an English tutor.5. Social Media ManagerA social media manager is responsible for analyzing and posting content on the digital medium. Social media managers have a vast variety of job roles such as managing social channels, monitoring traffic activity, posting content,  attracting  an  audience, sharing videos, etc.Social media managers provide strategies and consult with other team members  to  create  digital marketing campaigns for brand awareness.Skillset RequirementAbility to create, analyze, edit, and post engaging digital contentAttention to detail when posting digital contentTactical awareness to attain digital media successAmplify user engagement and resonate with  the  communityOptimize technology and guide customer through  the  sales  funnelAn  extremely  creative mindset to gauge current trendsImpeccable writing skills to attract viewers through posts or tweetsExtreme analytical skills for launching social media campaignsPhenomenal communication skills and presentation skillsExcellent leadership skillsEarningsWith new companies being launched every hour, the demand for a social media manager is dominant in the digital marketing world. A fresh social media  manager  can pull a salary of up to $48,000 to $60,000 depending on his or her negotiating skills. Sample Resume with ObjectiveA social media manager has so many job roles that it becomes increasingly  critical  to list your skills in a chronological order to get the attention of your interviewer.Before you list, unders tand the company and the type of job role you specialize in.If you’re experienced in promoting social media content and less experienced in leading a team, then list  them down based on experience.Creative Social Media Expert with 2 years of experience in engaging clients and followers. Have driven inbound traffic to client websites by upwards of 40 percent. Collaborated with the web development team to achieve a series of promotional campaigns that increased user awareness of the client’s brand. Achieved success in creating various social media feeds that have managed to attract followers for various clients.The rule of the thumb for social media managers is simple â€" Keep the most important accomplishments at the start and the least important at the bottom.Don’t list skills you haven’t got any experience in,  if  they decide to test you at the interview, you’ll end up being rejected….6.  HR SpecialistThe major job roles of a Human Resources specialist center around re cruitment and placement.An  HR  specialist must understand the best possible way to screen job applicants and match them according to the required  skill  set  of the company.Background checks need to be monitored and other administrative duties must be performed  such as  benefits  distribution  and employee retention.Skillset RequirementAdministering interview tests for recruiting employeesAbility to evaluate individual performance and effectiveness of candidateAnalyzing job roles and assisting in negotiating the salaryResolving various grievances faced by employeesConducting training sessions for new recruitsProcessing promotions and transfers of employeesContacting  supervisors  and explaining the various strengths and weaknesses of candidatesOverseeing and coordinating with team members to achieve an effective hiring processEarningsA fresh HR specialist starts at anywhere from $32,000 salary to about $48,000. The highest median salary paid to the top 10% of HR specialists is ab out  $67,000 to $79,000.The Federal government is among the highest-paying industries for HR specialists.Sample Resume with ObjectiveCompanies pay special attention when hiring  HR specialists as they understand the importance of recruiting an exceptional HR specialist.The company ends up saving money and recruiting the best talent the industry has to offer with a qualified HR specialist.Hence, it’s necessary to emphasize your decision-making and organizational skills to your interviewer.Worked as an HR specialist in over 10  universities  and have achieved a target of 100% staffing and addressed any and all payroll issues. Provided necessary details to  the  administrative  team about  the  decision-making  process behind hiring applicants.Provided vacancy referrals and conducted credential reviews during  the  recruitment  process. Achieved 94% satisfaction rate in employee relocation and performed over 150+ relocations in an annual year.As  an  HR  specialist, you’ll need to balance all the facets of recruitment such as â€" health, safety, benefits, negotiation,  compensation, employee relations, and other important functions required by the company.Demonstrating statistics in your resume can go a long way in confirming your job selection by the interviewer.7. CopywriterIf you’ve got the knack of putting words together to market a product and increase sales, then congratulations!A copywriter’s job is the ultimate destination for you.Most  areas that copywriter concerns themselves are advertising, testing  marketing  campaigns, writing creative product descriptions, labeling brands, website content work, and coming up with unique print-publication.Copywriters need to have a good understanding  of  how different social media platforms work to get a grasp on marketing products better.Skillset RequirementExceptional writing skills and an impeccable control over the English languageDevelop a conversational speech to hook viewers and increase salesExcelle nt research skills to data mine web, magazines, and  NewsA good understanding of User Experience(UX), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and  Conversion  Rate Optimization (CRO) skillsCreative reasoning skills to understand  the  product  better and come up with appropriate marketing campaignsMasterful storytelling skills to build curiosity with customers and provide positive outcomes for brandGood knowledge of the Digital Marketing worldExcellent communication skills to delegate with team membersEarningsA copywriter is much in demand in today’s digital world. The starting salary for a fresh copywriter begins at $45,000 and can go up as high as $65,000 depending on the number of successful marketing campaigns created for clients.Sample Resume with ObjectiveA copywriter’s resume should be free of spelling errors and should demonstrate an exceptional command of the English language.Unlike other professionals, your resume should look more than ordinary and must emphasize critical wr iting skills along with your work history demonstrating accomplishments on how you’ve managed to sell products for your respective brands.Since most of the work of a copywriter revolves around convincing customers to buy a product or service, you’ll integrate your researching capabilities along with creative aspects.The more unique your concept, the easier  you’ll  land the job.As a copywriter for 2 years,  achieved remarkable strides in my field such as handling creative controls of projects by up to 80%. Generated $4 million in sales with unique marketing concepts and demonstrated excellent communication skills which resulted in cost saving for my clients.Conversions rates in social-media were as high as 31%  across  the  top  3 platforms. Achieved a milestone success in generating $1 million in pure profits  through  attractive website campaigns. Strong ability in multitasking various projects and created strong keywords for client services to rank high in search engines.A copywriter must curate his resume in a way that demonstrates profits along with a creative  way in how he or she achieved the feat.Always provide numerical data for profits generated and conversion rate.And we repeat, proofread your resume  100 times  to ensure there isn’t a single grammatical or spelling error.You are being hired for your exceptional command over English and if you fail straight off the bat with your resume, your chances of recruitment  are  slim.8.  Travel ConsultantThe world of a travel consultant  consists of  advising  clients on their vacation needs or in smoothening their domestic or international trips.Travel consultants bask in the glory of improving other people’s travel experiences and provide data such as travel cost, weather reports, client specifications, suitable  accommodation, guides, maps, and any such information that a client may require  during their travel.The travel consultant may be needed to learn multiple languages depending on the type of tourists that he or she frequently encounters for a pleasant experience.Skillset RequirementKnowledge of various geographic locations and extensive research in studying client’s specificationsAbility to connect with various travel operators across the world and offer various travel servicesOrganizational skills to arrange domestic or international trips keeping client satisfaction in mindKey knowledge in  the  pricing  of hotels, budget options, luxury options, and other  accommodationsThorough knowledge of weather forecast and must inform  the  client  of any threats represented by geographical location beforehandMust provide all the needs of clients regarding travel â€"  the  map  of  the  city,  language translators, event material, places of interest, and other  itinerary  information.Ability to learn current trends of hospitality by attending webinars and educational conferencesProficiency in multiple languages. Communication in English should be excellent.Knowledge in tr avel software and time-management skillsEarningsA travel consultant earns anywhere from $35,000 to $50,000 per annum. Some companies provide incentives to their travel consultants and other job benefits based on the number of client bookings that you bring.Sample Resume with ObjectiveA travel consultant must show active work in his ability  to manage  clients and their travel plans. Demonstrate administrative talent by listing the number of languages you’re fluent in.Showcase the number of travel operators and trips you’ve booked in the last few years.Provide all the travel feedback from your clients or testimonials on how happy they were with your advice.A travel consultant will  land the job  if he or she can provide accurate metric data on how satisfied the customer was after the trip.Conducted over 200+ travel trips for clients in the 3 years. Achieved  over  90% feedback rating  of 5-stars  from clients thanks to services provided such as airport pickup and drop to their  c hoice  of  accommodation.  Provided information on places of interest with an itinerary manual. Ensured clients were satisfied with prices before booking their travel packages.Handled emergency conditions such as lost credit cards and  directed  the  client  to the nearest available law enforcement. Ran tasks assigned by my agency and completed all errands to the best of my knowledge.An emphasis on customer satisfaction  takes  a travel consultant’s career a long way.After all, happy customers are returning customers so the better you can accommodate their requests, the more you’ll be referred to and bring in numerous clients for your agency.        9.  Professional  PhotographerDigital photography has been the need of the hour with the explosion of  the information age. Hence, a professional photographer is a splendid career choice for those in need of creative direction.Photography  requires a keen eye and a good knowledge of technical skills to ensure your photographs stan d out.Typical employers of photographers include â€" Wedding Planners, News Agencies, Libraries, Art Galleries, Museums, Digital Advertising agencies, Medical field, and many other areas of work.Skillset RequirementKnowledge in working with photographic equipment and how to load/unload hardwareResearching photographic locations and backgroundsAdministrating the entire  photo  shoot  and taking responsibility in meeting  the  client’s  requirementsTechnical expertise in retouching, editing, and altering imagesSoftware knowledge such as Adobe Lightroom, PicMonkey, Adobe Photoshop, Fotor, Pixlr Editor, and much moreDigital imaging skills and knowledge in printing high-resolution imagingFilm development and image manipulation skillsBringing an artistic dimension to photographyKey knowledge in the different type of lenses used for various shootsGood communicational skillsEarningsA professional photographer is an in-demand career choice and thus the starting wages begin at a whopping $5 0,000  per year  and can  go anywhere from $250 per hour to $500 depending on your experience. Different fields of photography earn different amounts.Sample Resume with ObjectiveProviding  the name of your clients with their respective  projects  should be  the first thing on your resume  to enchant your employers.Compile a portfolio of your best work and place them in no more than 5 photos at a time to display a vast array of photographic brilliance that you’ve managed to capture. Keep your resume clean of errors.Conducted Freelance photography and gained several landmark achievement in wildlife photography. Won the 1st  prize in The National  Kentucky  Wildlife Photography contest with special mentions of intricate detail to facial features.Performed exceedingly well in Wedding photography while working under Harpy Wood’s wedding planners. Have significant experience in various photo editing suites such as Adobe Photoshop and have over 1000+ hours of experience in  portrait  r etouching and design templates.Never forget to mention the software that you work with as this gives your employer information on the type of photo editing programs you’ve dealt with.10. Applications DeveloperLook around you and  try to name 10 companies that come to your mind, chances are every brand that  you list  has a  mobile  application to cater to  smartphone users.An application developer creates commercial software for clients to ensure their brand is circulated on mobile phones and they can generate revenue through it.Generally, applications come in two popular platforms â€" Android and Apple.Depending on your choice, you’ll be assigned to develop applications for your employer ranging from games, shopping sites, fashion, word processors, and other custom applications.Skillset RequirementIntensive  knowledge in programming languages and development toolsBreak down the complete program specification into its simplest elementsTesting and research skills to establish  th e  client’s  requirement in  creating  an applicationProblem-solving skills to solve errors and  the  ability  to adapt to specific requirements by clients at a  moment’s  noticeUpdating applications consistently and modifying existing software based on requirementsWorking in a collaborative environment  to come up with ideas of an applicationEvaluate the program’s effectiveness and provide troubleshooting tips to usersDevising solutions to problems that may arise in the future for an applicationCombining various programming elements to design and run an application efficientlyGood communicational knowledgeEarningsAn Application developer earns a staggering $68,000 per year to about $100,000. While the application developer needs to spend long hours in coming up with the required specifics of a project, the compensation of a 6-digit salary more than makes up for it.Sample Resume with ObjectiveSince the majority of workload for an application developer lies in his or her abilit y to create software, the resume will contain the programming languages that you’ve worked with, the various source code you’ve built in the past, and applications built by you that are on Android/Apple devices.Provide as much information about each  application  that you’ve built and  link  your interviewer to the respective application page to demonstrate authenticity.Working as an Application Developer for 4 years, have displayed a strong command in various Operating Systems such as Unix, Android, and iOS. Built over 25 applications for clients that have performed exceedingly well and have received several positive testimonials based on the satisfactory results.Assisted in analyzing various profit models to clients and worked with them to build applications based on a user-friendly interface to attract  an  audience. Achieved over 30% click rate on shopping  applications and increased sales conversation rate by 15%  for clients.The two important aspects  of  an application developer are â€" what you build and how useful it is for the customers.Depending on how you answer these two questions, you’ll either immediately be hired or find yourself out of luck.CONCLUSIVE THOUGHTS ON JOINING AN ENTRY-LEVEL JOBAn entry-level job provides you with your first years of experience to understand the big brutal world of professionalism.The following career choices may not be ideal for everyone but are some of the most in-demand career choices that you’ll make during the current century.In time, you’ll gain the right knowledge if you decide to career hop but if you do decide to stick with your entry-level job, there are plenty of improvements that will support you for an excellent and golden future.

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Communication and Hospitality Industry - 2432 Words

SPIRIT OF HOSPITALITY 1. The Pineapple has been internationally recognized as a symbol of hospitality and a sign of friendliness and welcome! TRUE 2. According to many industry experts, what is the secret of being the best? SERVICE 3. Your ________, or ____________, is especially important in the hospitality industry because the guest is paying to have a pleasant experience. ATTITUDE, SPIRIT 4. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. TRUE 5. There is not a difference between simply serving your guests and offering exemplary guest service. FALSE 6. Service with Spirit requires: Extra personal effort, Pride in your work and your property, A sense of professionalism and standard, Positive work†¦show more content†¦I know you can manage the restaurant without me for a few hours just fine. â€Å"I would love to do that.† â€Å"We’ve worked hard to try and find another option but have not been successful so far. Let’s try again in a month’s time, sometimes circumstances change.† â€Å"It may sound impossible, but let’s see what we can do.† 10. What is considered a good way to make a commitment to a positive attitude? Be responsible for your own actions and reactions. 11. Tell yourself you did great when you did something praiseworthy is a good method to ___________.Improve your attitude 12. Leaders don’t need to compete- they automatically earn respect by demonstrating an A+ attitude. TRUE 13. What was the title of this session’s â€Å"a ha!† Moment Secrets of the World Class CHARACTER 1. Successful people get ahead by doing the jobs that no one else wants to do. TRUE 2. Character is our personal motivation to do what is right, both inside and out. TRUE 3. People are born with either good character or bad character. FALSE 4. Your character is shown in ways that you deal with trail and adversity. TRUE 5. History is made at night, character is what you are in the _________ DARK 6. Someone who is motivated to learn something new every day is demonstrating which of the following positive character traits? INITIATIVE 7.Show MoreRelatedMarketing Communication in the Hospitality Industry34407 Words   |  138 Pages............. 4 2.2 Marketing Communications........................................................... 5 2.2.1 Communication Process..................................................... 6 2.2.2 Marketing Communication Models...................................... 7 2.2.3 Marketing Communication Tools ........................................ 8 2.2.4 Consumer and Business Markets....................................... 9 2.2.5 Integrated Marketing Communications ............................. 10 Read MoreCommunication in Hospitality Industry Essay4889 Words   |  20 PagesContents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 4 Purpose of this report 4 Introduction to the property and department 4 Department that been addressed 4 Discussion and Issue 4 Communication 4 Influence to the staff, guest and management 6 Analysis 7 Reasons why communication is the biggest issue in food and beverages department. 7 Recommendation and Conclusion 9 Recommendation 9 More brand training for staff and manager. 9 MBW (Manage by Walking) system 10 Know the staffRead MoreThe Interrelationship Between Core Sectors In The Hospitality1336 Words   |  6 PagesThe interrelationship between core sectors in the hospitality industry The hospitality industry is one of the most important service providers in the international tourism industry. It includes all the tourists and passengers who travel to other destinations. They are part of the overall experience and must meet the standards set by the customer and industry. Modern websites, such as travel consultants, also set standards based on people s assessments of their experiences. â€Å"TheseRead MoreHow Social Media Changed The Hospitality Industry1148 Words   |  5 Pagesimprove living conditions, but also helps business owners to reach out more customers than before. This paper will take into account to talk about how social media changed the hospitality industry. The purpose of this paper is to study how social media change the behavior of customers within hospitality industry and how hospitality businesses is effected by social media. Based on the research conducted by Noone, â€Å"social media is the combination of various internet tools that enable users to generateRead MoreCase Study : Hotel Management And Tourism1388 Words   |  6 Pagesrequired you to, you will be sure to encounter those of us who have chosen the hospitality field as a career. Within this industry, there are so many options to choose from including the culinary arts, hotel management and housekeeping, event planning, and travel agent and the main goal of those who work within these fields is to ensure you feel comfortable while you are traveling or staying close to home. Although hospitality is a broad major, they all require the same basic skills. The branches IRead MoreDiversity Within The Workforce Of International Tourism Enterprises1192 Words   |  5 Pageseconomy, competitions are constantly increasing. Many organizations, especially towards the hospitality industry strive to create diverse leadership teams, to be more creative, opening up to changes and accepting challenges. Indeed, diversity brings out many positive effects towards one’s organization, but it also hinders many negative factors, challenges and obstacles in the workforce such as communication barriers, discrimination issues, and training challenges if the organizations are not ableRead MoreTechnology s Impact On Hospitality Industry1198 Words   |  5 PagesTechnology’s Impact on the Hospitality Industry Hospitality Information Systems and e-commerce provides hospitality executives a set of tools that allow them to effectively integrate technology in a way that will ultimately profit their company. Information Systems in hospitality contributes competitive advantage in the constant communication that takes place between managers and technology specialists. This paper will discuss the method of applying Information Technology models to the currentRead MoreUnderstand the Current Structure of the Hospitality Industry Essay examples1149 Words   |  5 PagesUNDERSTAND THE CURRENT STRUCTURE OF THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY 1. Demonstrate the diversity of the hospitality industry explaining how it has achieved its current complexity, scale and scope. The hospitality industry has a lot of different sectors. It is commonly split into the 14 different sectors. Hospitality Services Tourist, Tourism Hotels Self CateringRead MoreGlobalization in the Hospitality Industry1167 Words   |  5 PagesTourism is an industry that gives people the opportunity to explore and discover different cultures and many different countries. People are able to view attractions, dabble in local cuisine and experience life in a different country. Tourism is an industry that is rapidly growing as more and more people are traveling abroad. People have a genuine interest in learning about new cultures and experiencing all that a country has to offer. More countries are moving closer to globalization and this inRead MoreThe Management Of Hospitality Industry Essay1435 Words   |  6 Pages The hospitality diligence and in particular the higher segment hotels and restaurants provides the finest hospitality, an enjoyment of fine quality foods and beverages. These services are regarded define a very special culture that governs the industry. The culture highly esteems and values hospitableness as a major central theme. Telfer, a renowned philosopher, explains hospitableness as a virtue that depends greatly on one’s devotion and generous spirit than on proficiency. While great rewards

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Journey to Aruba Essay - 1446 Words

We were standing in the airport in Aruba, and at that moment I had no idea how we got into that mess. Our clothes were drenched; each one of our faces exhibited emotional distress. â€Å"What are we going to do, guys?† I asked, hoping that someone will respond with a bright idea. But no one did; we all just stood there. A FEW DAYS BEFORE It was the night of prom and everyone was getting in their limos to leave. Normally everyone takes a trip to wildwood for a couple nights after, fortunately, my friends and I had saved up money to travel somewhere exotic. It wasn’t until recently when we decided to go to Aruba. We all piled up into the limo; it was Will, David, Frank, Brian, Ashley, Agi, Saniyah, Nick, Ashley’s brother, and me. I don’t†¦show more content†¦He stood in front of me, and we were face to face. â€Å"I just wanted to let you know, you left your ticket in your bag. Your plane has three famous people on board. And we wanted to inform you that harassment of any kind is prohibited. There will be announcement made at your departure gate.† The man stated. I replied, â€Å"May I ask who the celebrities are?† â€Å"Taylor Swift. Kevin Hart. And Bill Gates. But as I told you before, you are not permitted to go near any of them. Do you understand me?† he intimidated. I answered him with a bit of excitement in the tone of my voice, â€Å"Yes!† He started to walk away, and I knew it was safe to let out a little scream. I finally walked through security safely, and caught up with everyone else. It was ultimately time to board and we gathered in a single file line to give our boarding passes to the flight attendants. Stepping onto the plane itself was the world’s best feeling. I could feel my body get tense and my face lit up. We took our seats and with my luck I was stuck with the middle. Due to the circumstances, I dealt with it. Being that it was a 10 hour flight, I needed ways to keep myself occupied. Therefore, I reclined my seat and fell into a gently sleep. It was about more than half way into our flight and I was abruptly woken up by what seemed to be a lot of turbulence. Turbulence is a feeling that gets me extremely sick. Turbulence reminds me of roller coasters when you reach a high dive drop and my heartShow MoreRelatedThe Caribbe A Vacation Destination For Guests Of All Ages1096 Words   |  5 PagesEnjoy The Nightlife in Aruba: Aruba’s unique landscape is unlike any other Caribbean island. Having a diverse landscape with stunning beaches and a desert-like appearance is what makes Aruba so different from other islands. Beach, sand and fun are not the only thing to expect from this gorgeous island. This is one of those few Caribbean islands that offer an endless opportunity of adult-centered activities. With a wide assortment of casinos and a vibrant nightlife scene, Aruba certainly caters to theRead MoreFeminist Critical Analysis: Elizabeth Gilberts Eat, Pray, Love1148 Words   |  5 Pagesthrough the winds and to not have to confront her reality. However she asked for guidance, she was patient and was granted the opportunity to confront him. Her husband had no desire to follow her in her travels stating, â€Å"I don’t want to go to Aruba.† Aruba was where Gilberts next writing assignment was to take place. With tear filled eyes she whispers to him â€Å"I don’t want to be m arried.† Throughout her on going battle of a divorce, with her heartbroken husband who is reluctant to let his wifeRead MoreChristian Smith s Research And Assessment Essay2048 Words   |  9 Pagesis imperative that as millennials leave the docks of their homes into the sea of the unknown in college – there should be people in their lives that help them navigate in a judgment free environment the battles they are facing with their spiritual journey. One of the key statements from this study from both Biblical literate and Biblical illiterate students was, â€Å"I felt like I left everything I have ever known and now I am sent into the wilderness by myself with only a spoon and nothing else. I wasRead MoreThe Hospitality And Tourism Industry1838 Words   |  8 PagesCarnival Cruise line which was founded in 1972. It is a British -American owned company headquartered in Miami; FL deemed as the world’s most famous and largest cruise line branded as the Fun Ship. Carnival offe rs a variety of destinations and journeys ranging from 3 to 16 days. Two segments of the general environment that would rank highest in their influence and its effect on Carnival. Economics and the environment rank highest in Carnivals influence regarding the general environment. If theRead MoreThe Dutch in the Caribbean2208 Words   |  9 Pagesalso settled in territories such as Tobago and St. Eustatius in 1632, Aruba in 1636 and Saba in 1640. These Dutch territories acted as centers for trade and as warehouses for the storage of goods to be traded and transported. Moreover, it must be noted that unlike their European counterparts they pursued a much different agenda; they were not centered on the colonization and religious conversion aspects while embarking on journeys of conquest in the New World. Their main concerns were mainly tradeRead MoreWorld Cup : 2015 20147800 Words   |  32 PagesRecorded Another World Cup Song The Official 2014 World Cup Music Album Includes 17 Songs France Demanded 2 Types Of Soaps In Each Hotel Room Germany Built Their Own World Cup Hotel And Training Camp The FIFA World Cup Trophy Embarked On A 267 Day Journey A Simpsons Episode Has Been Dedicated To The 2014 World Cup FIFA Received A Record Number Of Volunteer Applications Brazil Is ‘The Most Expensive Team’ In The 2014 World Cup Lionel Messi Is ‘The Most Expensive Player’ In The 2014 World Cup 2014 WorldRead MoreSummer Olymoics23416 Words   |  94 Pagescar across the River Thames, called the Emirates Air Line, to link 2012 Olympics venues.[62] It was inaugurated in June 2012, and crosses the Thames between Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks, carrying up to 2,500 passengers an hour, cutting journey times between the O2 arena and the ExCeL exhibition centre and providing a crossing every 30 seconds.[63] The plan was to have 80% of athletes travel less than 20 minutes to their event,[64] and 93% of them within 30 minutes of their event.[65] TheRead MoreThe Incredible And Sad Tale Of Innocent Erendira And Her Heartless Grandmother16345 Words   |  40 Pagesloader. At first her system of defense was the same as she had used against the widower s attack, but the loader s approach was different, slow and wise, and he ended up taming her with tenderness. So when they reached the first town after a deadly journey, Erendira and the loader were relaxing from good love behind the parapet of cargo. The driver shouted to the grandmother: Here s where the world begins. The grandmother observed with disbelief the miserable and solitary streets of a town somewhatRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 Pagesis nearly impossible to imagine a future management career that does not include management of projects. Rà ©sumà ©s of managers will soon be primarily a description of the individual’s participation in and contributions to projects. Good luck on your journey through the text and on your future projects. xi Brief Contents Preface vii 2 1. Modern Project Management 13. Progress and Performance Measurement and Evaluation 14. Project Closure 16. Oversight 564 504 532 15. International Projects 452

Lululemon Free Essays

Luncheon is poised and well positioned to move to another level in the luxury sports apparel marketplace. While our challenges over the last 18 months have been Impacting, we have maintained profitability and have not lost significant market share. In response, our leadership team conducted environmental and organizational scans over the last 30 days. We will write a custom essay sample on Lululemon or any similar topic only for you Order Now From these scans, we have identified some future strategic opportunities and challenges that when addressed, will set us up to become the #1 sports luxury apparel brand in the world. We will continue our innovation by Introducing new products lines; there is a great opportunity for us to expand Into a children’s line. Another opportunity for Luncheon Is to Investigate new channel strategies In diversification of sales revenues. In tandem with these opportunities, we urgently need to address several threats inclusive of diversifying our supply chain and improving public relations to resonate our core values and brand. Our environmental scan included a macro trends report, examination of our industry/ competition, and a comprehensive review of our stakeholders’ needs and expectations. Significant macro trends worth noting Include: sustained popularity of yoga fitness for the near term, continued growth in online sales, and sustained usage of social media (with women representing a disproportionately large amount of users engaging our brand). Due to the use of petroleum and cotton products, material and labor costs for Luncheon can sometimes be unpredictable based on fluctuations in these commodity markets. Our Industry analysis Indicates that the sports apparel brand Is a $106 billion dollar Industry with the two biggest players only owning 14 recent of the market share, [See Financial Analysis Slide]. We are the top ranked premium sports apparel organization and the 5th highest ranking organization overall. Our suppliers are more than suppliers; they are partners, [See Industry/ Competitive Analysis Slide]. Our collaborative relationship with our suppliers helps us create some of the most innovative products in the market. Supplier issues with materials and manufacturing have posed an ongoing issue due to various recalls creating a drop In company stock price, which In turn, has raised concerns with dockworkers, [See stakeholder Analysis slide]. These problems have caused Luncheon to face intense scrutiny in the market and media, which eventually resulted in negative Public Relations related issues. The inability for the Public Relations department to thwart such incidents has impacted the overall product brand within the market place. With that said, the financial health of the company Is good. Net revenue for the fiscal year 2013 Increased 16% to $1. 6 billion from $1. 4 billion In fiscal 2012. The company ended with $698,649,000 cash on hand, enough to fund its operating activities. Our operational support reveals Luncheon customer satisfaction remains high despite recent and ongoing manufacturing issues, [See Stakeholder Analysis Slide]. We possess a loyal customer base and have recently moved all of our stores from the franchise model to being ran internally to maximize on our culture. From this environmental scan, we were able to conduct a comprehensive and In-depth Internal analysis to determine how well prepared we included an operational health report, a financial report, and a review of our culture. The current organization is structured so that there is an opportunity for open immunization throughout the business, while wellness programs create high employee satisfaction. Since our inception, our culture has been about creating components for people to live long, healthy, and fun lives. This culture permeates through our employees, our in-store experience, and of course our customer base. We believe in support of the communities in which we are a part by creating various festivals, retreats and continually focusing on sustainability. Overall, our internal report shows we are poised for growth and have the tools to take advantage of our opportunities while meeting our challenges head on. Luncheon is the leader in luxury sports apparel. In order for us to stay the premier luxury sports apparel provider, we have to make sure we keep our core competencies aligned. Our core competencies are defined as follows: 1 . Developing innovative luxury designs, 2. Grass roots marketing, 3. Creating a motivated workforce, 4. Creating a second to none positive customer experience. Our four recommendations outlined in the beginning of the memo align perfectly with these core competencies, and our reports show we have the ability to achieve success in each area. Developing new product lines, especially focusing on a line for the youth, will assure we stay diversified. In developing these lines we can start to diversify our suppliers by finding other markets in which to partner. Currently our depth in suppliers is large, however, the diversity is nominal. Our suppliers are primarily concentrated in one region, Asia-Pacific, leaving us susceptible to natural disasters, border wars, and other issues that can affect production, [See Stakeholder Analysis Slide]. Creating additional channels of sales will work to enhance our second to none customer experience. Working with luxury hotels and other recognizable high end partners known for great customer service will also help with our grass roots marketing along with increasing our positive public relations presence. Also, by controlling our public relations and placing an increased emphasis on it, we will be able to better position our image and brand for lasting resonance in the marketplace. We are excited for Luncheon and look forward to partnering with you on implementing these four strategic objectives that will propel our great organization to another level. How to cite Lululemon, Papers

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The Preamble at Chimbote Essay Example For Students

The Preamble at Chimbote Essay September 16, 2003Mini Report #3I have chosen the section titled The Preamble at Chimbote from chapter one of the book, Theology From the Underside of History to write my mini report on. In this section the author describes a talk that the famous liberation theologian Gustavo Gutierrez gave at Chimbote, Peru, to a group of priests and laity in July of 1968. The talk was entitled Toward a Theology of Liberation. Gutierrez is one of the most important innovators of the concept of liberation theology in Latin America. He gives this talk to teach and inform the clergy and other churchgoers that this is a crucial concept for all Christians to integrate into their lives. In the beginning of his talk he states if faith is a commitment to God and to human beings, it is not possible to believe in todays world without a commitment to the process of liberation. I interpret this as Gutierrez stating that the world in which they are living in is not committed to all human beings when there are those that are less fortunate and are stricken by poverty. His answer to this is for all Christians to be committed to the process of freeing these individuals from the restraints they have on them. To me this is the most important part of liberation theology. Knowing that the actions that one is taking is creating a better humanity and better world to live in, will motivate that individual and others to continue this act. In another part of his talk he discusses three important characteristics of his liberation theology. The first aspect that he mentions is that liberation theology should be a progressive and continuous understanding.I believe that Gutierrez is saying that if the Christians that are carrying out liberation theology are continually liberating those in need then Christians will be a major influence and stepping stone in the process of a greater humanity. The second key point in Gutierrezs liberation theology is the method in which liberation theology should be carried out. Gutierrez states theology is a reflection or a second act. He argues that theology should not come first and that it should follow the commitment. He goes on to say that the main act ion of theologys commitment is charity. I understand this as; theology cannot improve something through charity or any other means unless it has already happened and learning from this experience cannot occur until after action has taken place. I think that Gutierrez is referring to theology as the knowledge that Christians receive after the action of the commitment and charity. Finally, the third key point that Gutierrez stresses is the importance of pastoral action and he goes on to say that every action that Christians make must be tied in with a reflection to orient it. To me this means that one must practice what one preaches and refrain from being a hypocrite. If Christians do not do this then the whole concept of liberation theology is superficial. We will write a custom essay on The Preamble at Chimbote specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now